HireFocus is a recruiting firm formed from a reaction to the current state of the recruiting industry. Our founder, Joseph Pitino, has witnessed a distinct change in the industry watching it go from a relationship business to a numbers business. That’s why HireFocus has been formed. We believe that when your only focus is on numbers, whether it be numbers of clients, or numbers of resumes sourced, quality drastically decreases. This is more than a marketing position, it's a fact. We have proven that we can have a profound impact on the quality of candidates that we present, and the number of successful hires we produce, by simply putting in more time with a select number of clients. This is what we mean by focus, and it is a guiding principle of our firm.

We offer a flexible working relationship by remaining contingency based. We specialize in these industry sectors: Manufacturing, Engineering, R&D, Energy, Infrastructure / Transportation, and Environmental. We have well over 10 years of experience placing candidates on behalf of clients within these industries.