This critical first step involves an in depth discussion with the client in order to determine the required skills and experience of the successful candidate. Also, important during this step is to gain a thorough understanding of your company's culture and the selling points of the company. Armed with an understanding of these things, HireFocus will be able to better match your company's selling points to a prospective candidate's motivations. This increases your chances of hiring the candidate that you select. After this initial meeting, the HireFocus project team will meet to carefully assess your needs and our ability to meet your expectations.

  • In order to have a successful hire we must have a clear understanding of your corporate culture and mission. We serve as an extension of your firm and will recommend the right candidate who shares your same values.
  • Our knowledge of the marketplace and your specific industry allows us to monitor employment trends
  • Developing a detailed "job performance profile" (job order) will enable us to find the right candidate.