We focus on quality first. The extra time we spend during Client Evaluation arms us with the data we need to look for the best candidates for your positions. By spending more time sourcing candidates for your positions allows us to present a large number of prequalified candidates for your consideration.

HireFocus sources, identifies and recruits top talent through the following:

  • Our extensive database is one tool that we leverage to build a list of qualified candidates that are later contacted.

  • We're in the relationship business and over the past 10 years we've built a lot of them. This allows us to target exceptional candidates discreetly.

  • Our affiliation with major industry organizations helps us discover new contact names for first time conversations.

  • We qualify candidates based on talent, ability and chemistry with the client in order to ensure long-term compatibility. HireFocus works closely with the candidate and client making sure that there is a match on many different levels including compensation, expectations and motivation. HireFocus only submits highly qualified candidates.